Saturday, June 4, 2011

JT Graduates Today!

Sprint PictureMail by Kris Paulson
Sprint PictureMail, a photo by Kris Paulson on Flickr.

Julian graduates from Cedar Park High School today. We are so proud of him and can't wait to see what God has planned form him. We love you...Kris, Mom, Jake, Jesse and Kai!

Monday, May 9, 2011

GG's Boy!

Sprint PictureMail by Kris Paulson
Sprint PictureMail, a photo by Kris Paulson on Flickr.

Kai loves his GG. He talks about her all the time. He can't wait to go see the live Thomas the Train show with her!

Happy Mother's Day!

Sprint PictureMail by Kris Paulson
Sprint PictureMail, a photo by Kris Paulson on Flickr.

Theresa had a busy day massaging other Moms. She was excited about the business!

The boys and I had a great lunch with GG! Don't let Jesse and Kai's long faces fool you...they just wanted to get to the pool and didn't want picture time!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter Storm of 2011!

Austin, Texas was hit by a blizzard on Friday Febrauary 4th. Close to 2 inches on the ground! Local weathermen became celebrities and the Gap sold out of sweaters by noon.

As a verteran northerner from Wisconsin, it was time to teach my boys a few lessons on snowball etiquette...

First, a family hug to foster love before the snowballs start to fly. (Note: One son is missing in this picture...more on him later.)

I begin to analyze the situation. You can see that I gave them false hope by allowing them to hit me with one right below the chin. I stayed strong and held onto my snowball.

Kai was first to learn how to build a snowball. He wasn't sure at first...But once he found out that our main target was older brother Jake, he couldn't wait...

He took the glove off for better grip and aimed at Jake...Kai nailed him from close range and you could see Jake's knees start to wobble.

Instead of retaliating on Kai, Jake did the honorable thing and picked on someone his own size. I have to get him while I can. I predict Jake will be taller than me in 3 years at the age of 14...

And down goes Bieber!

Theresa, always on the camera, caught my victory pose. I am humble in victory.

Jake couldn't feel his hands and toes right now. He's smiling because he is in shock. Next, Jake will shoot his eye out.

As the snow started to thaw, Jesse learned the best snowballs come with the help of a little wet snow...

He was more focused on his form than the other boys. I taught him that technique helps keep your feet firmly planted on the ground so you don't slip when throwing. Slippage can make you miss your target.

Solid form in tack after a lesson from Dad, he decided to launch it at my car...

When he missed the car...he decided desparate measures were needed. I had to stop him from going Winter Power Ranger on us all.

And remember the one boy who was left out of the top picture. Well here is our new 18 year-old Julian smartly staying out of the terrible blizzard and in the cozy confines of his room.

I did put a snowball in his mini-fridge in case any aggression from the video games neeeded to be taken out by throwing a snowball.

Until the snow falls again in Austin, Texas!

Uncle Brett, Aunt Angie and Hank visited too!

We were so excited to see Uncle Brett, Aunt Angie and Henry at Christmas too!

Jesse was so happy that he did a headstand!

The cousins hit it off! Henry (1) being held by Kai (2) and Jesse playing dead (7)! Henry is our nephew!

The California and Texas Paulsons!

Can't wait until next year!

The Birth of Lord 2010

We were doing very good with getting out Christmas letters the first few years, but we have struggled of late! It was so great to get all of your letters this year. So many new babies...congratulations to you all!

So here are some Christmas pictures taken this year. We will start working on our 2011 Christmas letter in June!

Family Christmas picture with hats on to stay warm in Texas!

At Lexus Christmas Party! Thank you GG.

Same Santa, Same Boys at Lexus Christmas Party!

Kai after Iron Man Mask and Thomas the Train clothes!

Jesse already keeping tight lipped about birthday presents...for birthday in September!

I picked up this dog on Christmas Eve. She was running the wrong way down a busy street. We were calling her Eve.

We posted a missing dog on Craig's List. The family got her back on Christmas Day. We had fun, but 4 boys is enough for now!

We love you guys and hope you have a blessed 2011!

Halloween 2010

Here’s our annual Halloween pictures!...

Kai was Thomas the Train. He had a little pouch in his costume to put the candy. It kept getting to heavy so we would have to dump it out into his bag!

Jesse was a Black Goblin. You can’t see it in the picture, but his eyes under his mask light up red about every 15 seconds. He won a costume party and felt great!

(There's a little preview of who I was!)

Jake was a rapper and is often called Justin Bieber at school!

Julian stayed at the house to give out candy. He ate a bunch too!

As for me, I was Lady Gaga. I was a little disappointed in myself because I wore flats instead of heals. I don’t know how women where heals.

(That is Jesse above with his red eye lights on!)

You can’t see any pictures of Theresa because she was the Paparazzi taking all the photos! We hope you enjoyed her work!